Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Some encouragement:
Just added something that i found encouraging. I was reading some reviews from some skeptical sites and organisations, and found that the majority of them now claim that psi seems to exist but is small , unreliable and uninteresting. This is a big jump from "its all bunk". They of course claim that things like poltergeists dont exist, but hey they are skeptics and will resist where they can. But the existance of micro-pk makes the existance of macro-pk increaseingly more possible, because we know that in this world small changes made in the right way can have big effects. Skeptics will of course disavow this, at least untill it becomes more proven and less elusive. So cheer parapsychology nuts round 1 is ours, and round 2 isnt looking good for the skeptics either.


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