Tuesday, April 18, 2006


hey this is my psi and rspk comment blog

Hi im Robin james Wagner, i live in the United kingdom and am currently studying philosophy at the university of Londons heythrop campus. This blog will be about my hobby which is psi research [psychic phenomena] If you have no knowledge of this subject or are a debunker it would be best for you not to post here, the former as this will be a commentary box, not a teaching page. For info on psi phenomena and the particular area i wish to comment on which is Rspk [poltergheist phenomena] and macro-pk[large scale mind matter interactions] and research on them ,i would recommend the following titles

The conscious universe by Dean Radin Phd
The poltergeist by William G Roll Phd
Best evidence by Michael Schmicker
The limits of influence by Stephen braude Phd

And for more general outlooks i suggest

Supernature 1+2 by Lyall Watson
Arthur c clarkes world of strange powers

Any parapsychologists or psi interested parties please post and tell me what you think of my theories which i will be posting here. Thank you so much

Robin James Wagner

ooooh sorry , do not know how to edit posts and have foolishly and in haste, mispelled Dr dean radins book title. It is

The Conscious Universe by Dr Dean Radin Phd
Good luck!
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