Wednesday, April 19, 2006


First theory in basic, wish me luck!

Ok this is my first theory. Hope it isnt a load of rubbish but here we go.

I started the facts that i knew about modern science and parapsychology. Firstly,

1.We have some capability to cause change in our enviroment at least on a micro-scale, This has been demonstrated by the Experiments of Helmutt Schmitt, The Rhine institute, The Princeton PEAR experiments.

2. Poltergeists definatly happen and are mostly connected to a living person. This is demonstrated mostly in the Rosenheim, Columbus[no matter what the skeptics say bout this one], Olive hill, and Miami poltergeists.

3. Poltergeists are shown to have a number of electromagnetic properties [Rosenheim case especially] and Humans are known to have a electromagnetic field of many properties and are known to give off a measurable light called "bio-luminesence" And as we know light is a kind of electromagnetism.

4.There is a huge amount of electromagnetic energy surrounding us in the empty space called the zero point field which has been shown in the labrotory by The casimer effect, most notably by Chan et al and good explanations of this phenomena are put forward by Hal Puthoff

5. Elctromagnetism can influence the world of matter. Electromagnetic fields such as electrostatic and static magnetic fields are known to have an effect on matter, so in fact so are effects such as static charging. Also electromagnetic radiation can move matter of all kinds as can radiation pressure from sound.

So I tried to find a way to put all of these facts into some interconnected theory because I think it would be incorrect to assume that micro-pk and macro-pk are seperate phenomena. I am of a mind that micro-pk makes the correct changes to the electromagnetic elements of the body and enviroment to produce the correct effects. William Rolls reports were a huge inspiration to me on this. I do not think however that the Agent in Rspk changes the nature of gravity as has been previously been thought. My theory is that after the correct change in the field has been made, the correct kind of vibrations are given off into the enviroment, thus giving an electro-acoustic effect and gaining more charge as it goes from the zero-point fields while traveling through it. When it reaches the target it releases its energy a way in which to move the object,[most likely a new kind of electromagnetic radiation, as that has been proven to interact with and even levitate matter] an explosion of this energy to propell objects quickly and perhaps a stream or field to move objects more slowly, both of these phenoema are shown in poltergiest cases. Geomagnetic fields may play a part in this phenomena as well, setting up the change in the human field [which it is proven that it can do] thus causeing the phenomena. This would also explain the fact some poltergeists dont have agents.

I have noticed that these kinds of phenomena are what is called a "dumb poltergeist" which flings things about at random. This i think would be the geomagnetic changing the charge to the correct modulation in something else thus causing the phenomena without an agent

Thank you for your time in reading this, comments would be appreciated. Also comments on anything from psi research of any type to funny or infuriating stories of debunkers and junk skeptics also. Thanks again


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